Development Updates of New Metro City Lahore

Development Updates of New Metro City Lahore

New Metro City Lahore is evolving rapidly as a promising residential and commercial hub. This ongoing development is a beacon of urban planning and infrastructure excellence. Here, we bring you the latest insights and progress updates, reflecting the commitment to building a well-integrated community.

Current Progress Overview

The development of New Metro City Lahore is segmented into several crucial phases, each tailored to enhance the living standards and connectivity of the area. We place significant emphasis on sustainable and efficient infrastructure:

Overall Development Progress

To date, New Metro City Lahore has seen an overall development progress of 32%. This figure represents the cumulative advancements across various sectors of the project, highlighting a steady march towards the completion of a modern urban area.

  • Multipurpose Access Road: Progress on the main access road that spans 5.78 kilometers is notable, with 38% of the construction completed. The designers have crafted this road to facilitate smooth traffic flow and efficiently connect residents to key city points.
  • Embankment Construction: Approximately 46.25% of the embankment, crucial for flood prevention and water management, has been finished. Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the community is vital for this development.
  • Cofferdam: The cofferdam, essential for the construction in waterlogged areas, is 41% complete. This structure is pivotal for the subsequent phases of large-scale constructions.
  • Stone Apron: Efforts on the stone apron, which helps in erosion control, are progressing with 5% completion. This part of the project underscores the meticulous attention to maintaining the ecological balance.

Why This Matters

The ongoing developments in New Metro City Lahore not only aim to provide a robust infrastructure but also ensure that the growth is sustainable and eco-friendly. Each phase of construction is meticulously planned to cater to the immediate needs of the community. Additionally, it keeps an eye on future growth and challenges


As New Metro City Lahore continues to unfold, the progress made so far promises a future where convenience and sustainability coexist harmoniously. The development updates are significant for prospective residents and investors. They signify a steadfast approach towards a modern urban space that values both development and the environment. Stay tuned for more updates as we follow the transformation of this vibrant city project.

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