New Metro City Lahore Payment Plan

Pre Launch - New Metro City Lahore Payment Plan

Welcome to the thrilling pre-launch opportunity for New Metro City Lahore Payment Plan, a RUDA approved housing society placed in Lahore. Offering a dynamic blend of comfort, luxury, and affordability, this project is established to accommodate a variety of homebuyers with its flexible 4 year payment plan.

Option 1: A Focus on Early Completion

Our first payment plan is designed for those who wish to spread the cost of land over 2.5 years with a subsequent 1.5 years allocated for development charges. This plan is an excellent choice for buyers who prefer to pay off the land component faster and transition smoothly into covering the development fees.

Structure of Payments:

  • Down Payment: A modest initial down payment, followed by a 5% confirmation fee within 30 days of booking.
  • Monthly Installments: Affordable monthly payments focused on the cost of land for the first 30 months.
  • Quarterly Payments on Balloting: After the monthly installments, a set of 10 quarterly payments becomes due, targeting both land cost and the beginning of development fees.

3.5 Marla Plots (20x40):

A down payment of PKR 390,000 kick starts your journey. Followed by a booking fee of PKR 150,000. The total price for the land comes to PKR 2,975,000. Payments can be spread across 30 monthly installments of PKR 37,800 and 10 quarterly installments of PKR 450,000.

5 Marla Plots (25x45):

Start with a down payment of PKR 490,000 and a booking price of PKR 199,500. The land charges a complete of PKR 3,990,000, with the charge similarly broken down into monthly installments of PKR 44,500 and quarterly payments of PKR 598,500.

7 Marla Plots (30x55):

These plots require a down payment of PKR 590,000 and a booking fee of PKR 269,500. The overall rate of the land is PKR 5,390,000, with monthly installments set at PKR 55,500 and quarterly installments at PKR 808,500.

10 Marla Plots (35x65):

With a down payment of PKR 790,000 and a booking fee of PKR 374,500. These plots are priced at PKR 7,490,000. Monthly installments are PKR 75,500, and quarterly installments are PKR 1,123,500.

1 Kanal River View Plots (50x90):

For the top class river view plots, a down payment of PKR 1,550,000 is needed. With a payment plan of PKR 715,000. The total price stands at PKR 14,250,000. You can pay these in monthly installments of PKR 161,800 and quarterly installments of PKR 2,140,000.

Development Charges and Fees

Please observe that the prices mentioned above cover only the cost of the land. Development fees are extra, amounting to PKR 300,000 per marla for 3.5, 5, and 7 marla plots, and PKR 275,000 per marla for 10 marla and 1 kanal plots. A nominal fee and processing fee of PKR 1,000 per Marla also applies.

If you desire preferential places consisting of corners, boulevards, or park-facing plots, you will pay an extra 10% of the land fee. Furthermore, a generous 5% discount is available for buyers who choose to make a complete price prematurely.

This nicely-planned payment scheme ensures that proudly owning your dream home in Lahore is now the simplest viable. However, it is also manageable with these flexible procedures.

Option 2: Extended Land Payment Duration

The second payment plan stretches the land payment over 3 years, followed by a year dedicated to settling development charges. This plan suits those who need a bit more time to manage their finances without sacrificing the dream of owning a prime piece of real estate.

Structure of Payments:

  • Down Payment: Begins with a down payment and a 5% confirmation charge to be paid within 30 days post-booking.
  • Monthly Installments: Extended monthly payments over 36 months, focusing solely on the land cost.
  • Half-Yearly Payments on Balloting: The plan incorporates 6 half-yearly payments that commence after the monthly installments, allowing a gradual shift to covering development costs.

For example, with a 10 Marla plot, the down payment required is 790,000 PKR, with manageable monthly installments of 58,000 PKR and half-yearly payments of 490,000 PKR.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of properties are available in New Metro City Lahore?

New Metro City Lahore offers both residential and commercial properties.

2. What makes New Metro City Lahore Location an attractive option for potential homeowners and investors?

The project stands out due to its strategic location with easy access from GT Road and Ring Road, Lahore, ensuring swift travel across the city.

3. Is there a payment plan available for New Metro City Lahore properties?

Yes, developers plan to introduce an affordable payment plan on installment for New Metro City Lahore properties.

4. What is the Master Plan for New Metro City Lahore?

The master plan includes residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Designated areas for mosques, schools, theme parks, high-rise buildings, apartment complexes, malls, and shopping centers.

5. How does the New Metro City Lahore NOC ensure the legality and safety of investments?

The project’s developers have a history of securing NOC approvals from relevant authorities, ensuring compliance with safety, environmental, and zoning regulations. The upcoming NOC approval from PHATA for New Metro City Lahore is a testament to the project’s legal and regulatory compliance.

6. What size plots are available for residential purposes in New Metro City Lahore?

The project offers a range of residential plot sizes to accommodate different family sizes and preferences.

7. How does the location of New Metro City Lahore benefit its residents?

Its prime location is on the main Inter City Road, with convenient access from major roads like GT Road and Ring Road.

8. Are there specific blocks or zones within New Metro City Lahore?

Yes, New Metro City Lahore features distinct category blocks designed to cater to diverse preferences and needs.