About New Metro City Lahore

Who We Are

At BSM Developers, we believe real estate development goes beyond simply building structures. Instead, it should foster community-building efforts while fulfilling dreams and setting standards. All under the expert direction of our CEO, Mr. Bilal Bashir Malik. Recognized for our uncompromising quality standards, innovative approaches, and commitment to customer satisfaction. BSM Developers has grown into one of the industry leaders.

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New Metro City Lahore

About New Metro City Lahore

New Metro City Lahore is a new and ambitious project. It is developed by BSM Developers. The project aims to redefine the real estate landscape in Lahore. With a visionary approach, the developers aim to transcend traditional real estate boundaries.

BSM Developers, following the resounding success of their flagship project, Gwadar Golf City in Gwadar, are now ready to take on a new challenge in Lahore. New Metro City Lahore is ready to bridge the gap between conventional real estate and an unimaginable world of possibilities.

Owners and Developers

Developers behind a residential project intricately tie the success and reputation to it. BSM Developers have solidified their position as a prominent player in the Real Estate market. They achieved this through projects like New Metro City Kharian, Gwadar Golf City, and New Metro City Gujar Khan. These successful ventures have serve as a testament to their expertise and commitment to quality.

BSM Developers have built a strong track record and the world highly trusts about their capabilities. Numerous real estate experts have identified their latest endeavor as a standout mega-project in 2024. This recognition stems from the company’s proven ability to deliver high-quality and lucrative real estate opportunities. Consequently, investors widely regard this project as a strategic move that promises a mutually beneficial outcome.

Bilal Bashir Malik

CEO of BSM Developers (Pvt Ltd)

He is one of the most well-recognized figures in Pakistan’s real estate sector and known for his innovative leadership and visionary ideas. BSM Developers under his guidance has undertaken many significant projects, such as New Metro City Lahore and Gwadar Golf City. Reinvigorating luxury living spaces as well as commercial spaces. Mr. Malik takes an innovative, sustainable, and community-centric approach to urban development that makes an immediate and tangible impact in the regions he develops. Beyond his professional successes, Mr. Malik also dedicates himself to ethical practices and actively contributes to various social causes aimed at improving the quality of life within surrounding communities.

Bilal Bashir Malik CEO of BSM Developers
Zaroon Masood Country Head of BSM Developers

Farrukh Shahzad Malik

Chairman of BSM Developers (Pvt Ltd)

He represents an innovative vision that pushes the limits of real estate development. Under his stewardship, BSM Developers has established an unmatched legacy of excellence and innovation within the industry, pioneering new technologies while setting benchmarks others strive to meet. Under Mr. Malik’s strategic foresight, environments that not only meet modern living demands but also foster community spirit and investor trust are created. Making BSM Developers both sustainable and inspiring!

Zaroon Masood

Country Head of BSM Developers (Pvt Ltd)

He has been at the forefront of transforming Pakistan’s real estate landscape for a generation. As Country Head, Mr. Masood leads his company towards groundbreaking achievements with projects such as New Metro City and Gwadar Golf City. Both synonymous with quality and innovation. Mr. Masood sets high standards of integrity when conducting business practices ensuring sustainable development. His leadership not only constructs impressive structures but also brings lasting change within communities. BSM Developers services lasting change that leaves an imprint on history that stands the test of time!

Farrukh Shahzad Malik Chairman of BSM Developers
Our Evolution

Since our foundational Gwadar Golf City project. BSM Developers has consistently set new standards of real estate excellence. Since then, our journey has seen us develop an array of residential projects and commercial centers catering to different demographics. Everything from base to amazing architecture that touches everyone. New Metro Cities at Kharian-Sarai Alamgir, Gujar Khan, and Mandi Bahauddin represent our commitment to urban development with comfort and lavish living. Continuously raising quality standards through each project we undertake.

Our Success

For us, success is more than constructing buildings. It means cultivating trust, quality craftsmanship, and envisioning a brighter future. Each of our projects represents our values – designed to bring comfort, joy, and security – as crafted through innovative technology, modern design, and an acute understanding of clients’ evolving needs. We deliver not just houses but homes that are smart, sustainable, and satisfying. Our commitment to excellence remains undiminished in order to exceed customers’ expectations on every project we take on.

New Metro City

BSM Developers presents New Metro City as the crown jewel of its developments. Where luxury meets convenience in an exquisitely planned environment. Under the leadership of Mr. Bilal Bashir Malik, our projects in Kharian, Gujar Khan, and Mandi Bahauddin provide residents with an outstanding quality lifestyle while representing an attractive investment opportunity. Each community in these developments features amenities designed to promote well-being and happiness ranging from lush parks and comprehensive recreational facilities to secure infrastructure designed to promote safety and peace.

New Metro City represents more than just real estate. It represents an investment into financial independence. Each project in New Metro City has been carefully planned to maximize potential growth. So whether you’re searching for a family home or seeking to add to your portfolio of investments. New Metro City could be the right fit.

Investment for Your Future

Our Mission

We aim to change the real estate landscape by arming our clients with all of the knowledge necessary for making informed decisions and creating vibrant communities that exceed both investor expectations and those of families alike.

Our Values

At BSM Developers, our core principles of integrity, innovation, and commitment define every decision and action taken with a view toward exceeding expectations and producing exceptional outcomes together.

Our Vision

Our aim is to become one of the premier developers, widely acknowledged for providing superiorly designed, sustainable residential and commercial properties as well as luxurious living solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of properties are available in New Metro City Lahore?

New Metro City Lahore offers both residential and commercial properties.

2. What makes New Metro City Lahore Location an attractive option for potential homeowners and investors?

The project stands out due to its strategic location with easy access from GT Road and Ring Road, Lahore, ensuring swift travel across the city.

3. Is there a payment plan available for New Metro City Lahore properties?

Yes, developers plan to introduce an affordable payment plan on installment for New Metro City Lahore properties.

4. What is the Master Plan for New Metro City Lahore?

The master plan includes residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Designated areas for mosques, schools, theme parks, high-rise buildings, apartment complexes, malls, and shopping centers.

5. How does the New Metro City Lahore NOC ensure the legality and safety of investments?

The project’s developers have a history of securing NOC approvals from relevant authorities, ensuring compliance with safety, environmental, and zoning regulations. The upcoming NOC approval from PHATA for New Metro City Lahore is a testament to the project’s legal and regulatory compliance.

6. What size plots are available for residential purposes in New Metro City Lahore?

The project offers a range of residential plot sizes to accommodate different family sizes and preferences.

7. How does the location of New Metro City Lahore benefit its residents?

Its prime location is on the main Inter City Road, with convenient access from major roads like GT Road and Ring Road.

8. Are there specific blocks or zones within New Metro City Lahore?

Yes, New Metro City Lahore features distinct category blocks designed to cater to diverse preferences and needs.