Gwadar Golf City: A Project by BSM Developers

Gwadar Golf City in Balochistan

Gwadar Golf City is a residential project along the peaceful shores of the Arabian Sea. The project was developed in the name of BSM Developers under the leadership of Bilal Bashir Malik. This ambitious venture will aim to improve living standards while leveraging Gwadar’s capabilities as an international hub.

A Legacy of Excellence

Gwadar Golf City stands as an impressive tribute to the Malik family, well-known for their contribution to Pakistan’s business community. Bilal Bashir Malik is determined to expand her presence in this luxurious venture This aligns with Malik Riaz’s dream and follows in Malik’s footsteps.

Unique Location

Gwadar Golf City enjoys an optimal position along the Main Coastal Highway. The city offers breathtaking views and an easy access to amenities in the city providing residents with peace and urban convenience all in one.


Gwadar Golf City provides unmatched amenities. The planners have designed this development to improve living standards by including the latest infrastructure and world-class facilities. They have incorporated green spaces and irrigate them, along with a golf course. Additionally, they provide health facilities for residents’ relaxation and wellness.

GDA Approval and Beyond

With the approval of The Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), Gwadar Golf City upholds only the highest levels of standards in quality as well as conformity. Water distillation plants ensure uninterrupted water supply, and power supply, ensuring continuous ease and convenience for the residents.

Bridging Realities: New Metro City Lahore

BSM Developers has experienced unprecedented success with Gwadar Golf City and are expanding into Lahore through their newest venture: New Metro City (NMC). NMC Lahore combines beautiful scenery and modern amenities to create a unique living experience. New Metro City Lahore Location lies between the M2 Motorway and the 300ft Ravi Road Superhighway. For affordability purposes New Metro City Lahore Payment Plan is available with 2 options for installment plan.

NMC Lahore spans 46 km with 300-foot wide roads. It has ample space for commercial and residential developments. The direct access to the M2 motorway allows residents to have the convenience of peaceful living in close proximity to urban amenities. It offers privacy and accessibility in a single package.

Gwadar Golf City and New Metro City Lahore are the epitomize of luxurious living and urbanization. People have long acknowledged BSM Developers for its innovative strategy and constant determination to achieve excellence. This has resulted in revolutionary projects, including two major projects in Pakistan.

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