Ravi Business Sector at New Metro City Lahore

Business Sector at New Metro City Lahore

Looking for a vibrant hub of commerce and industry in Lahore? Don’t look any further than Ravi Business Sector at New Metro City Lahore – set to transform Lahore’s business landscape through traditional wholesale markets, shopping malls, corporate offices and co-working spaces. Making this exciting opportunity available to entrepreneurs, investors and professionals looking for vibrant business communities to join.

Hub of Commerce

Ravi Business Sector was designed with growth in mind. Local entrepreneurs as well as multinational corporations will find an ideal environment in which to grow. From wholesale markets for bulk purchases to high-end shopping malls with a vast variety of brands and products – businesses of all kinds will thrive here! This vibrant blend of traditional and modern commerce ensures every business can find its niche.

Modern Workspaces for Modern Professionals

Now the Ravi Business Sector boasts state-of-the-art co-working spaces designed to foster creativity and collaboration, perfect for startups, freelancers and remote workers who seek flexible yet professional environments with fast internet, comfortable seating arrangements and a community of like-minded people. These co-working spaces were meant to inspire and innovate.

Corporate Presence

Ravi Business Sector offers more than just small businesses and startups. It also houses national and international brand corporate offices. This eclectic mix creates an endless supply of business opportunities and professional growth for local as well as global firms. Giving rise to numerous business and networking possibilities in this vibrant community.

Business Sector stands out from its competition by offering business support services including consultancy, marketing assistance and financial advice. Networking events and forums allow entrepreneurs and professionals to connect, exchange ideas and collaborate in an atmosphere conducive to fostering an active business community.


Approved and supported by Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA), and by the Government of Pakistan. Ravi Business Sector benefits from sound planning and robust infrastructure. Situated within New Metro City Lahore with easy access to major transportation routes ensuring businesses remain well-connected throughout Lahore and beyond. An advantage which further adds appeal and makes this area attractive to both businesses and investors alike.

Ravi Business Sector forms part of New Metro City Lahore’s larger vision for its development, and residents are being provided with an excellent quality of life by combining residential comfort and commercial convenience into one compact housing scheme. Residents will have everything they need at their doorstep ensuring a balanced lifestyle is easily achievable.


New Metro City Lahore Business Sector is more than a place to do business; it’s an integral community where commerce and collaboration thrive. Offering traditional markets, modern malls, corporate offices and co-working spaces in an ideal environment for growth and collaboration – whether you are an entrepreneur, professional or investor; join this vibrant community to be a part of Lahore’s exciting economic future!

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