Important Announcement by New Metro City Lahore Country Head Mr. Zaroon Masood

Grand Announcement after Eid by New Metro City Lahore

Zaroon Masood, Country Head for New Metro City Lahore, has just unveiled an exciting announcement set to occur after Eid. This Grand Announcement by New Metro CIty Lahore after Eid could mark a historic event and usher in a new era. For investors, customers and dealers associated with this prestigious project.

Key Points of Announcement:

1. Mega-Level Event After Eid:

Following Eid, an announcement will be made at a mega event. This event is anticipated to mark the official launch of a new phase in New Metro City Lahore. Offering numerous advantages to its residents and participants.

2. Profitable Investments:

All members, dealers and investors involved with New Metro City have experienced strong returns on their investments thus far. The project remains an attractive opportunity that offers ongoing profit and growth to its stakeholders.

3. Welcome New Dealers:

The sales team of New Metro City Lahore is thrilled to welcome a flood of new dealers into its project. This event testifies to the trust and promise of New Metro City Lahore within the real estate market.

4. Guarantee of Short- and Long-Term Profits:

Mr. Zaroon Masood ensures that everyone with an active pre-launch booking file, be they members, investors, or dealers, will experience both short and long term gains as the project’s robust growth trajectory ensures sustained profitability for all involved.

5. Market Leadership:

New Metro City Lahore aims to establish itself as the top project in its city and set a new benchmark in real estate development. An imminent announcement should cement this lead development’s status in Lahore.

6. Advance Eid Greetings:

Mr. Zaroon Masood extended warm wishes by sending his advance Eid greetings to all New Metro City stakeholders, creating a sense of unity and celebration among stakeholders in his city.


The upcoming announcement by New Metro City Lahore promises to bring unprecedented opportunities and benefits to all its stakeholders. With guaranteed returns and commitment to excellence, changing the real estate landscape in Lahore forever. Stay tuned for further updates, and prepare yourself to witness its transformation into Lahore’s premier housing scheme.


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